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RF Protocol Parser Framework (RF PPF) – APIremote-api

The units send data according the protocol defined by the company. In order to parse data received from the units the parser API is needed. Using API, it will be simple to implement RF protocol in your projects.

The RF PPF supports different platforms and C# and Java programming languages.

RFN Tag Receiver Android Appic_launcher

Application uses an external RF Networks pocket Bluetooth tags receiver or RFN-SMART433 series gateways to show tags incoming data in simple/chart graphics view.

Screenshot_20160713-140844 Screenshot_20160713-140827


RFN Mesh Sniffer Android App

RF-Network application for sniffing mesh networks.ic_launcher






Tag Receiver Windows App

Application connects Receiver/Coordinator units, receives and shows incoming data.

Connection options: serial, LAN, GPRS mode (app as server).

Application additional options: Transmit user commands to connected units, Build mesh topology tree, Export data to Excel etc.


Demo WEB server

Using our demo WEB server you can monitor and manage your system installations in real time from your internet browser.